Latest Digital Hearing Aids
Latest Digital Hearing Aids

What our patients say about us

''For many years I have suffered from a significant hearing loss with virtually no hearing in my left ear and reduced hearing in my right ear.


I consulted with Evelyne of Whispers Hearing Ltd who, using specialised audiometric equipment, diagnosed the degree of my hearing loss and the potential to improve the situation for me. Although now retired, my wife and I engage in important voluntary work that necessitates attending meetings; these can be quite challenging for me in terms of not always hearing what is being said by others in the meeting.


In addition to the above, my wife also has in the past, complained that I have both the radio and television too loud, which is clearly not a pleasant situation for her to be in.


As a result of the above problems, I did consult with Evelyne and as previously stated she diagnosed precisely the extent of the hearing loss and recommended a digital device that improved my hearing to a level that was hard to believe.


The hearing aid itself, is very easy to place and is small and discreet, but more importantly it is highly effective and delivers a clarity that is very impressive.


In consulting with me, Evelyne revealed herself to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about hearing loss and took great care to explain the whole process of using hearing devices; this was very reassuring and she emphasised her availability for access to her in the future for further advice if needed.


I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the services of Evelyne to anyone seeking advice regarding hearing difficulties.''


- Dr K Plumb, April 2017          


''It was with some trepidation that I allowed my wife to talk me into going to an open day at Lookers in Driffield which was holding a special free hearing test to promote 'Widex' hearing aids and Evelyne Plotniky-Javan the audiologist.  

The test was comprehensive and a week or so later I was loaned some custom hearing aids to try.  They were such an improvement on my NHS ones but on the other hand, were, in my opinion very expensive, however  'She who must be obeyed' gave me my instructions and I went ahead with the 'deal'.

Now this is where you handover your money and are left to your own devices aren't you? No your wrong, not with Evelyne!

I was not asked to pay until further down the line when both I and Evelyne were satisfied that my hearing aids were set up perfectly and the actual earpieces were a comfortable fit.
I offered to pay on a couple of occasions and was told let's get this sorted out first!!!      Eventually I was allowed to pay!!

18 months have passed since I first purchased my hearing aid's and I can say without hesitation that I have never received after sales service from anywhere in all my 79 years to come even close to the service that I have received from this company and my audiologist Evelyne and by the way, I no longer think it was expensive.
I also bought a tv device and a hands free device.......brilliant''


- Alan, November 2016

Evelyne Plotnicky-Javan - Managing Director
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